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Esther Mosunmola Fashakin.

Founder, Initiator

I was four years old when I began to hear stories about my paternal grandmother. I was impressed with the generous lifestyle she lived all through her days. I was named after her and I so much believe I possess many of her traits.

I began to persuade my mum to give out my clothing that did not fit me properly and my used textbooks. I also noticed that my dad comes home frequently with different wonderful gifts which I learnt were rewards from those he once offered help. Then, I realised that it runs in the blood and I will continue to assist people, no matter how little.

Naija Kids Giving Back became my true passion. It is a medium that helps the society. My focus is directed on the kids especially the less-privileged. The idea came to me when I accompanied my Dad to some rural locations in Lagos State and I was filled with pity for children who were poorly dressed and looked malnourished. Right from there, I had the desire to change the world in a way I can and I got the right set of people to start with- children. I wanted the kids to know that they have a right to good life, good education and good food all the time.

I also met a girl by name Esther Agwu in my school, who are both founders of this initiative. I was drawn to her because we were classmates and were born on the same day, same year and same month. We got to talk better and I realised she has the same passion as mine which made me realised that I can use this platform as an opportunity to make children who are willing to help the children in low developed areas to achieve their desires by inviting them to volunteer.

I believe this will make the children who are ready to volunteer assume leadership roles which will positively affect them in whatever career they choose in life. I also know that it will boost their self-confidence. This initiative is an opportunity for us the leaders of tomorrow to be true and effective leaders.


My Dad

I also want to thank God for the opportunity He gave me to be someone who is ready to give back to the society at my early stage in life. I am very grateful to my parents who have been supporting me all the way.Thank you!


Naija Kids Giving Back aims to cultivate a culture of giving in the young generation and end hunger, illiteracy and maltreatment among the less-privileged kids by providing support and care.



Our vision is to get registered and have a million members in 10,000 schools by 2025 which will enable us to create a better life for the young generation.




The major way to tackle a problem is to acknowledge it exists. Being aware of the fact that the society faces issues that negatively affect kids’ lifestyle has made it possible for Naija Kids Giving Back to come up with initiatives to impact the society. Two major ways the organisation promotes itself is through school involvement and social media.





Selflessness gives rise to charity, generosity. Naija Kids Giving Back ensures and motivates its members to have the ability to give up resources, time, money and energy to assist others



It is often said that it is easier to understand people when you feel them in yourself. Naija Kids Giving Back ensures that all its members have the ability to connect with children; they see as they see, hear as they hear and feel as they feel which will enable these kids to open up to them and receive the love and care that is being shown to them.



Education is a powerful tool that is used in reaching out to the society. Studies have shown that teaching assistant aids kids’ learning process. Naija Kids Giving Back aims to improve the learning process of kids by giving out books and other vital educational materials.




Working together is a Success.


We have leaders in each school who represent the common interest of the organisation and coordinate the activities in the schools. These leaders are called Ambassadors.



We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.


*We organise meetings with the several ambassadors in each school.

*We raise money through donations and public awareness.

*We give out food, clothing, books and stationery materials to the less-privileged.



We live for everyone.


*Food Distribution Programme.

*Clothes Recovery and Distribution Programme.

*Books Recovery and Distribution Programme.

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